In case you missed it: BT’s ‘A Song Across Wires’A Song Across Wires

In case you missed it: BT’s ‘A Song Across Wires’

BT’s ninth studio album, A Song Across Wires was released on August 16th and reaffirmed the Grammy-nominated producer as one of electronic music’s most diversely talented artists. The album is a 13-track odyssey that establishes its presence from the opening piano rolls of “Skylarking” and does not let up until the closing chord of the final track “Lifeline.” Throughout the album, BT maintains a robustly-produced aesthetic, dabbling in dubstep and electro house on “Letting Go” alongside JES and Fractal and “City Life” with Fractal and Bada. Incredible collaborations are interspersed throughout; Nadia Ali, Arty, TyDI, Emma Hewitt and Tritonal all join BT in the studio to touch on nearly every nuance of the trance sound. Stand out tracks include; “Tonight” alongisde TyDI and JES, “Must Be the Love” with Nadia Ali and Arty, and “Surrounded” in tandem with Aqualung. If you missed this album last month, do yourself a favor and make it part of your September soundtrack.

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