New York Times dips into issue of drug related deaths and what it could mean for future of EDMIMG 8253

New York Times dips into issue of drug related deaths and what it could mean for future of EDM

It’s not exactly the type of press you enjoy seeing on the front and center of page A1 of the New York Times, but mass media has picked up on the tragic deaths surrounding Electric Zoo and what this could mean in the long run. The article begins highlighting how the $4.5 billion industry of EDM has attracted both Wall Street investors and mainstream corporate sponsors on its rise, yet recent events have put the culture in jeopardy due to overdoses from MDMA, not only for patrons but also for potential invest0rs.

Executives say that deaths like these have the potential to scare off investors and the corporate sponsors that are eager to reach the genre’s young, affluent and technologically connected fans.

The negative media couldn’t have come at a worse time as we are only weeks away from an expected initial public offering by SFX Entertainment who primarily wants to use its $300 million raised to acquire various dance music related businesses like the promoters of Electric Zoo, Made Event.

“The scrutiny that this is going to come under because of the stock market deal with SFX, it’s like a magnifying glass that’s unfair,” said Amy Thomson, the manager behind Swedish House Mafia, one of the genre’s most successful acts.

The article highlights steps taken by SFX to make their events safer such as working with the nonprofit DanceSafe which works to provide educational information about the dangers of drug use. Big corporate sponsors have shied away from dance music festivals in the past because of negative perceptions. Many believe there should be more done to discourage the use of drugs, especially from promoters or the DJs themselves.

“I don’t think we should be scared of saying ‘don’t do drugs,’ ” said A-Trak, a top D.J. “There is this sort of elephant in the room, where people are scared to say, ‘That stuff is dangerous and don’t mess around.’ ”

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