Nicky Romero develops new sidechain plug-in called KickstartRomero Kickstart

Nicky Romero develops new sidechain plug-in called Kickstart

Sidechaining is one of the first techniques that aspiring dance music producers discover, as it is one of the most vital to the genre’s signature pumping sound. Nicky Romero is now making it easier than ever to use.

The Dutch DJ/producer this week announced that he has developed a new plug-in called Kickstart, which could become the side-chain compression equivalent of Dada Life’s Sausage Fattener distortion for the everyman. While Kickstart is far from revolutionary, the plug-in does offer 16 easy-to-use modulation curves and a dry/wet mix control that beginning producers may find helpful to understanding the concept.

Test drive a free trial of Kickstart or purchase the plug-in for $15 here.

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