Novation unveils Launch Control controller to complement LaunchpadPP Image 2 E1378395617447

Novation unveils Launch Control controller to complement Launchpad

Besides starring in a series of viral YouTube videos that launched such artists as Madeon and M4SONIC to prominence, the Novation Launchpad was one of the first controller to offer 64-button Ableton Live integration at an affordable price point. However, one of the biggest reasons why some artists elected for the Akai APC40, its chief competitor, was the Launchpad’s lack of buttons and faders. Novation has sought to address this issue with the introduction of the brand new Launch Control this week.

Sporting 16 fully assignable knobs and eight pads, the Launch Control is designed to provide the finely tuned and tactile control over Ableton’s mixer and effects that the Launchpad could not offer on its own. The controller also comes bundled with a series of built-in factory and user instrument templates to enable even further seamless workflow integration without the need for remapping. Check out more details and multimedia supporting the new controller here.

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