The M Machine remixes Empire of the Sun’s ‘DNA’ for ‘Helios’ and ‘Apollo’ renditionsThe M Machine Dna Empire Of The Sun

The M Machine remixes Empire of the Sun’s ‘DNA’ for ‘Helios’ and ‘Apollo’ renditions

Few artists have managed to capture and maintain the level of talent and artistic vision that San Francisco’s The M Machine has, shying away from the easily obtainable spotlight for a shot at capturing fans beyond the main stage and bottle service dance floors. The trio, who have just closed the doors on their Metropolis story arc, have lent their finely-tuned talents to the remixing of synthpop heavyweights Empire of the Sun’s “DNA.” A gorgeous track before TMM touched it, “DNA” gets an eerie yet beautiful revival in the back-to-back remix package dubbed “Helios” and “Apollo.” In accordance with the sun god aesthetic that their name would suggest, both remixes are as beautiful and otherworldly as the heavenly bodies they are intended to represent. “Helios” bounces amidst lush padwork and an injection of contagious and energetic piano rolls while “Apollo” takes a more aggressive route, ditching the twinkles for bruxism causing synth stabs and haunting vocal stutters.

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