Tomorrowland releases official 2013 aftermovie, bringing fantasy to reality once more

Tomorrowland has been fortified as one of the globe’s greatest music festivals, as each year fans from around the world travel to Belgium to take part in the fantasy world. For those who have yet to make the voyage, however, Tomorrowland holds a near equal equivalence as the most mythical event one could dream of. Year after year, Tomorrowland’s impeccable production and experience blow minds for those lucky enough to get their hands on tickets, but lands in the hearts of everyone else through their revered aftermovies. For the past five years, these have portrayed something that had been previously unimaginable, and the 2013 short film is no exception.

This September, the Tomorrowland experience goes global with the first ever TomorrowWorld. Tickets are still available.

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