TomorrowWorld Artist Spotlight: Dzeko & TorresDzeko Torres Tomorrwworld

TomorrowWorld Artist Spotlight: Dzeko & Torres

Coming off their first ever Tomorrowland performance, Canadian duo Dzeko & Torres take south for the inaugural TomorrowWorld. Taking away tips of the trade after circling the globe the past festival season, and coming equipped with their own edits and remixes, Julian and Luis’s Main Stage outing will bring a spark to Georgia early into the festivities. If you’ve yet to be acquainted with Dzeko & Torres, our TomorrowWorld Artist Spotlight series continues with a more formal introduction.

Where did you guys get started working together?

We got started working together after promoting all ages parties in Toronto for a few years. Were just doing it because it was kinda the cool thing to do in Toronto at the time. Then Julian sorta just decided to try DJing and Luis had been producing for fun for about a year or 2. It just sort of started…there wasn’t really any point where we were like “hey lets be djs/producers.” One thing led to another and we were just doing gigs for fun around Toronto and putting our remixes and some original tracks.

Who was the first big artists to support you and how did your career change from there?

The first big guy to help us out and support us was Chuckie, and this was a few years ago. He was really the first guy to listen to our tracks and help send our tracks to other guys. He even gave us a release on Dirty Dutch, which was something we had always wished for. At that point it was still for fun though…it wasn’t until we did a remix for Jus Jack that was supported by Tiesto and Oakenfold (they both played it on their radio shows in the same weekend) that we decided to take this seriously.

How frequently are you spending time producing and how much do you put into evolving as producers?

We spend as much time in the studio as we can. We are usually on the road every weekend from like Thursday to Sunday/Monday. So as soon as we get back in town, we are in the studio.

What’s your most important personal rules of DJing when you play a festival?

Look at the lineup before you play…look at who else is playing your stage. You don’t want to step on too many toes…don’t play the next act’s biggest track. Also, the more we play festivals we’ve realized u really gotta keep your transitions short…no long mixing. Lots of edits too!

Do you have favorite memories of Tomorrowland as a fan, whether or not you attended?

We’d never been to Tomorrowland before we played it, but we both had watched the lifestreams the past 2 years. I’m not really sure there was any specific favourite moment, just the whole thing seemed amazing, even through a computer screen…and it was!

Which are some of your tracks that best define your personalities?

Hmm, thats a good one! I’m not sure…I guess our more progressive stuff like Hurricane represents our funner sides…we are both usually in a great mood, always cracking jokes or doing stupid stuff LOL…and i guess Down To This as well as we can both be quite jumpy and super hyper at times. That was a tough one.

Can you each talk a little about how the other compliments you?

I mean it really comes down to the fact that each of us is somewhat the opposite of one another, so in one area one of us isnt as strong the other balances it out. I mean we both have similar senses of humour, and have similar drives and passions, and get along well with each other, but on the professional side its a little different. Where Torres is more of the artsy, more relaxed one (i mean he did go to Art School LOL) Dzeko is much more the business driven one. Which is good cuz we keep each other in line a lot, and even the simplest idea will be slid back and forth until its something that satisfies both parties.

What do you have in store for TomorrowWorld?

A lot of un-released material: originals, remixes, collabs. We’ve tested a bunch of these tracks out to make sure they are TomorrowWorld-ready…others will be played for the first time ever. Besides, the more of our own music we play, the less toes we’ll step on!

Check out their Tomorrowland 2013 set here: