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TomorrowWorld Artist Spotlight: Henrix

For most dance music fans, Miami is home for one special week during the year. For Henrix, Miami is home 365 days a year. Introducing a signature sound of his city and breaking through the landscape with one of this year’s biggest tunes in “Hit It,” Henrix has dominated festival season and will bring it to a close at the inaugural TomorrowWorld. With new productions that have already garnered headlining support and unique technical stylings, the Miami native will unload his arsenal when not too far from home at Chattahoochee Hills next week. Get to know the man known as Henrix with our exclusive interview and prepare for his TomorrowWorld outing.

After “Hit It” became such a success, how did your mindset in the studio change? Did you feel the need to create a sound, or did you feel motivated to try something new?

Yea at first I did. Its only natural to try and follow the success of the song, but that sound got a little saturated so I tried not to stick to only something like that. I actually have songs that are that style that I think im not putting out. At that time HIt It sound was pretty new so thats a big reason why it did so well. As a producer though you always want to be the one to create a new sound thats going to be big so yes im always motivated to try something new.

Which artist have you had the best chemistry working with on music and why?

Well every artist has there own way of working on music so its hard to pin point who I had the best chemistry with and i’ve worked with so many but I think the Hit It guys we had some great Chemistry and Wayne & Woods. We finished both our tracks pretty quick. Also my boys Adrien Mezsi and Darmon. Its hard to say as each artist has their own way of working that brings chemistry to that project

Which artist or industry member has best impacted you and what have you learned from him/her?

Well as far as artists, i think Laidback Luke and Steve Angello has helped me the most. My manager Nima has probably had the biggest impact on me. He’s taught me the ins and outs of the business. Alot of people dont give credit to their team. I believe an artist is only as good as the team behind him.

Has there been a specific show or event this year where you felt a huge boost or impact in your fan base?

I think there has been a few. Governors Island in NYC with Hardwell was big! Ibiza with Laidback Luke & Hardwell was also amazing! Webster Hall was ridiculous aswell. Honestly there has been a a lot  this year that have had big impacts!

What aspect of your production style best embodies your Miami roots?

I think the drums. I love when a track has groove. Miami house music was built on that from Miami legends such as Oscar G & Ralph Falcon (Murk) Charlie Solana. Parantula (QBA & Satz) Wady, Patrick M, Ivano Bellini and many more im probably forgetting haha

How do you try to keep to your roots and represent Miami in your live sets on the road in different cities across the country?

I always try to rep where i’m from. Miami built me. Before my music started hitting a global scale the people that really supported me was the Miami crowd. If you see alot of places ive played I try rocking my Heat jersey and im always rocking my Heat or U.M. hats haha. As far in my live sets, i try and incorporate some classic in there that i used to play years ago when starting off as a DJ in the afterhours scenes.

What are you working on currently or have lined up that will be coming soon?

I have a alot of new tracks im working on at the moment. Most i cant really talk about but one that has been lingering online is Raverz that Steve Angello has been playing out. We’ll stick with that one for now and when I can speak more about the others ill keep everyone posted ;)

How would you sum up what fans can expect from your TomorrowWorld appearance and how will you be preparing for it?

Well im doing super you and me and have to dress up so was planning on dressing like either snow white or princess jasmine lol.. just kidding..Honestly im not sure what they’re expecting. I guess new songs? Thats what most fans want to hear. So im going to be playing a lot of new stuff, never heard before. Of course I love doing mashups so thats always big for me. So expect a plenty of those. As far as preparing, I never really prepare for a set, I just load in a bunch of songs I like and go from there. Feeling the crowd is key

Listen to Henrix’s Electric Zoo set to gear up for his TomorrowWorld performance:

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