TomorrowWorld Artist Spotlight: Will SparksWill Sparks Tomorrowworld

TomorrowWorld Artist Spotlight: Will Sparks

The bounce is back. Melbourne bounce, that is. Holding the flag for the reemergence of the subgenre, Will Sparks finds himself on a tear after his animated spin on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” ousted the dance-pop stratosphere. His creativity and knack for the bouncier side of dance music lands him on TomorrowWorld’s stellar inaugural lineup where he is set to man Laidback Luke’s Super You & Me stage on day one. Dancing Astronaut spoke to the rising star on the brink of his super-heroic festival appearance and got to know the man behind one of the most flavorful sounds rocking the season.
When did you first start producing music, what were you using to do so, and what was your learning process like?
I first picked up Ableton when i was around 17 and a half from a close friend. I used to go out to a club with Dj’s that produced. So i then ended up getting to know them (Samual James, Joel Fletcher) & basically just watched a few sessions in the studio and kept practising at home!
How did you develop a Melbourne Bounce sound and how is producing that different than producing other types of electronic music?
My first interest in Electronic music was the ‘Melbourne bounce/minimal’ style back around 4 years ago. I think it just has its own boppy vibe, its got a darker sort of flavour yet happiness to it, so producing bounce compared to say, progressive.. the creative mood you have to be in is completely different.
Who inspired you as a producer and who has shown you support that you wouldn’t have expected?
Definitely the guys like Afrojack, W&W, Showtek & Laidback Luke have inspired me. Laidback has shown huge support for this style which has been un believable
What kind of vibes do you aim for with a live set and which type of live setting do you best thrive in as a DJ?
The vibes during my live set are pretty much just me going crazy and getting way into it haha. I love all settings, but especially a big dark club or festival. Depends how the crowd is feeling!
Can you tell me about how your Blurred Lines remix came to be? Did you expect such great reception from it?
Yeah well we’ve recently been talking with some big record labels and they gave me the chance to have a go which was insane! I knew exactly what i was going to do since the original is very flowing and up beat. Over the moon with how the people reacted because its pretty simple but came out effective
What other remixes, collaborations, and/or original productions do you have in the works?
Too many. I have collaborations with Uberjak’d, Jebu & a very special one in the works. An original with an amazing singer, Angel Taylor and also another original Called ‘Catch’ which will come out soon!
What can you promise fans and festival goers about your upcoming set at TomorrowWorld?
Expect new music! Get ready to be introduced to something different.
Warm up for Will’s set with his free download of “Crazy.”

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