TomorrowWorld’s bass stage prepared to set Saturday spinningTomorrowworld

TomorrowWorld’s bass stage prepared to set Saturday spinning

While Belgium’s own Daily Dubstep held dominion over a Wheel & Deal-hosted stage at Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld’s All Your Bass Are Belong To Us lineup reveals a distinctly North American take on bass music: Instead of Britain’s Benga, Canada’s Excision will be holding the headliner spot, with Savoy, Figure, NiT GriT and more further repping the continent (For those worried about potential blasphemy, original dub descendents Rusko, Zomboy and Delta Heavy will also hold reign.) While the OWSLA stage will keep the bass banging on Sunday, the dirtyness officially kicks off with Sound Remedy’s set on Saturday. But don’t worry if you don’t have a full 12 hours to devote to the bass gods: We’ve assembled a nice sampler platter to give your day just the right amount of crunch.


The rocking bass trio that is Savoy has more cred than even their Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boulder roots reveal. In the game since 2008, the group has come recently burst into the limelight with the help of some lasers. Grown from remixing Lady Gaga and Outkast to producing originals and touring with Gramatik, Savoy’s sound has matured into something between electro and indie, dubstep and dance. Counting Big Gigantic, Heather Bright, and Krewella amongst collaborators, the trio’s most recent sound hovered in the nu-disco camp, but with a slot on the bass stage we’re counting on something a little dubbier for the dedicated afternoon fans.


While Joshua Jenkins sounds like an excellent DJ name in itself, it is under the moniker Zomboy that the Brit has seen the most success. First hitting the scene as the hardcore producer Place Your Bet$, Jenkins created Zomboy as a dubstep project in 2011 and brought his blast beat mentality with him. Known for a sharp technicality and deep drops, his two-part Reanimated EP shows a breadth within the bass – and a refusal to abandon his dubstep roots. With sets just as likely to feature Trolley Snatcha as Skrillex, the only thing you know for sure you’re getting in a Zomboy set is Zomboy. Come 7:15 on Saturday, be prepared for 75 minutes worth.


Saving the grimiest for last, Excision will take a break from his Destroid project with Downlink and Pendulum’s KJ Sawka for a solo show beneath the Chattahoochee Hills stars. The Rottun Recordings label head has honed his particular brand of bleeding bass in his six years at the label, collecting words like “brutal” and “filthy” to describe his sound on the way. Currently splitting his tour time between headline slots and Destroid dates, though the live element will be absent from the standalone set the music may crossover: In his latest Shambala mix, Diplo, Doctor P and Dog Blood all got down with Destroid. On Saturday at 11:30, the truly devoted will too.


Full All Your Bass Are Belong To Us lineup:

  • Excision
  • Rusko
  • Gramatik
  • Zomboy
  • Delta Heavy
  • Figure
  • Savoy
  • Grandtheft
  • NiT GriT
  • Sound Remedy

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