TomorrowWorld’s OWSLA Stage: The M Machine, Seven Lions, and KOAN Sound primed to shineTomorrowworld

TomorrowWorld’s OWSLA Stage: The M Machine, Seven Lions, and KOAN Sound primed to shine

While there are countless reputable labels to speak of in 2013, few have proven as forward-thinking and innovative as OWSLA. With a roster that continually boasts the highest caliber of underrated artists, Skrillex’s savvy label has seemingly gathered the best of today’s genre-pushing producers under one roof. OWSLA is set to take over an entire stage for the final day of TomorrowWorld, bringing some of its most promising bass music producers for a Sunday extravaganza.

With Kill the Noise, Jack Beats, and Alvin Risk at the helm, the appeal of OWSLA’s stage should be instantaneous. While those three names alone should be enough cultivate your interest, the true beauty of OWSLA’s TomorrowWorld stage, and the reason you can’t miss it, resides in the three names below: The M Machine, Seven Lions, and KOAN Sound.

The M Machine (Live)

Make no doubt about it, The M Machine is poised to take over the world (or at least the electronic dance space). Their encapsulating, multi-media two-part album Metropolis was just the beginning. While their productions have elevated them into the spotlight, their live show is the extension of their revered fiction. Live vocals, synths, and sampling: The M Machine live is a thing of wonder.

Seven Lions

Jeff Montalvo has single-handedly revolutionized melodic dubstep. His otherworldly atmospheres and captivating counterpoint melodies have inspired thousands, and his live sets are an opportunity to show of his unparalleled production prowess. Montalvo is known to get a bit deeper and darker in his live sets: Don’t miss the chance to follow him into the bass music abyss.

KOAN Sound

As far as underrated producers go, KOAN Sound are undoubtedly at the top of the list. The Bristol duo have churned out some of the cleanest and funkiest bass music in the past year, with The Adventures of Mr. Fox a prime example of their considerable potential. Laying down some of the heaviest percussive work in the scene, KOAN Sound’s midtempo, dubstep and drumstep will blow you away on TomorrowWorld’s colossal speakers.

OWSLA Stage Lineup

Kill the Noise
Jack Beats
Alvin Risk
The M Machine (Live)
Seven Lions
KOAN Sound
Kill PAris
David Heartbreak

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