V Squared Labs invite you to witness the making of Krewella’s Volcano

While watching Jahan and Yasmin bound over tables and speakers while Rain Man takes the occasional stage dive has proved entertaining enough for Krewella’s fan base, for their ongoing Get Wet Live tour the trio are taking it up about a thousand notches. Teaming up with V Squared Labs, who has built structures for Skrillex, Datsik, Amon Tobin and Infected Mushroom, the Krew are now bringing their very own volcano on the road and invite you to take a sneak peek at its creation.

If you’re a tech-enthusiast, the construction of the 30’x18′ volcano will make you drool: Each section is made out of faceted crystals that not only support their own visuals but reflect them infinitely between their mirrored surfaces. If you just like shiny things, the video will probably still make you drool: With modular sections placed the front and side of the booth, the trio and their video screen are designed to be the focal point – if you can take your eyes off of the glittering, laser-shooting crystalline structure that is. Whichever camp you fall into, show the love for V Squared and see the real thing in action.

For the largest scale of stage production yet, do not miss the Krew and their Volcano like never before Рcatch Get Wet this Halloween at Pier of Fear, NYC; tickets are still available here.

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