Afrojack crafts ‘For The Core,’ 26-minutes of club-geared beatsUltra Europe Day 2 Afrojack 2 1

Afrojack crafts ‘For The Core,’ 26-minutes of club-geared beats

Take Nick van de Wall’s production arsenal, lay it out on the table, and what do you find? Plenty of gritty-basslined Dutch hits, anthemic gems for festival stages, along with radio-house tailored for mainstream success. Certifiying his wide range of talents and now delivering something more fit for nightclub festivities, Afrojack┬ádelivers a ‘For The Core,’ a 26-minute ID that could either be perceived as an extra-long dancefloor tune resemblent of an afterhours rollercoaster, or even a fullout set — one he’d dish out in a smaller venue. Either way, clocking in at under half an hour, the newest effort from Afrojack’s studio is one for fans to enjoy in yet another respect as “The Spark” grows in commercial popularity.