Breach previews ‘Beroving’ off forthcoming DJ-Kicks mixBreach Dj Kicks

Breach previews ‘Beroving’ off forthcoming DJ-Kicks mix

After infecting the dance world with an inflated ego after “Jack,” Breach is taking his already underground alter ego even deeper with “Beroving.” The latest original for the Ben Westbeech alias since May, the new tune eschews vocal and shoots straight for the heart of a house beat. Slithering from angelic synths to hot house gasps while accenting 4/4 beats with triad play, “Beroving” is not just a title but a state of being for the track, which will the only Breach tune found on the producer’s DJ-Kicks mix. His 15-track selection for the celebrated !K7 series will be released in the States on November 26th, so check the tracklist below and head to iTunes to have your eyes and ears opened.

Pre-order: iTunes

01. Innercity – Prince Of The Immortal Woods
02. Wire People – Triangle Vision (Original Mix)
03. Beesmunt Soundsystem – All Day
04. Fred P. – It Is What It Is
05. Pedestrian – Hoyle Road
06. Coni – My Secret Diving
07. Breach – Beroving (DJ-Kicks)
08. Cassio Kohl – Broken
09. CLOSE feat. Joe Dukie – My Way (Dusky Remix)
10. Iron Galaxy – Attention Seeker
11. Detroit Swindle – The Break Up
12. Dopplereffekt – Z-Boson
13. Redinho – Searching
14. Winx – How’s The Music
15. Sabre – Nightdrive To Bolland

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