Deadmau5 delivers even more reworks n’ stuffDeadmau5 Tryst 2 E1346984967422

Deadmau5 delivers even more reworks n’ stuff

When Joel Zimmerman isn’t busy filming coffee runs or pontificating, he’s deep in his lair, spitting out track after semi-finished track. This time the man under the mau5 has released a rework of “Creep,” a song that has been floating around since at least 2009 but was given an almost unceremonious release as a Spotify-only bonus track with <Album Title Goes Here>. “Creep v2” is shorter, stripped down, and less ominous than its predecessor, introducing a new “creepstep” beat over the melody. Apparently still inspired after retuning that oldie, three hours later the brand new “Tesp” went up, keeping in the melancholy vein but throwing in strummed guitar instead of slow piano. Coming in a 1:45, only time will tell if the creative exercise will blossom into its own track. As always, stay tuned for more mau5 – before we could even publish this “Silent Picture” was also added to the trove of new material.