Deadmau5 finalizes previews for ‘Avaritia’ and ‘Phantoms’Deadmau5 Day

Deadmau5 finalizes previews for ‘Avaritia’ and ‘Phantoms’

Deadmau5 is cooking up something big. Only time will tell just how big. While Zimmerman has never been afraid to shed insight into his production process, the last few days have been the equivalent of a golden ticket into his studio. After treating fans to plenty revisions of the loosely termed “Phantoms Can’t Hang,” Joel has finalized the arrangement for the track along with his darker new tune, “Avaritia.” Of the two, I found the latter to be a bit more enticing. The lead chords and bassline are pleasantly distorted, and the percussion is interesting and on point. It’s worth bearing in mind that all these uploads are by nature previews, and thus lack the kind of mixing and mastering that will ultimately set them apart from from inspired musings to polished, final productions.

Also of particular interest, Deadmau5 said of his recent uploads: “the real mindfuck is how these songs are going to go together on the album.. there’s a plan at work here.” Looks like we can expect another Random Album Title arrangement for deadmau5’s impending release.

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