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Deadmau5 previews loads of new musical ideas, producers take note

Deadmau5 has been on a serious roll as of late, posting clip after clip on his Soundcloud page. The new material is sounding intriguing already, even though it only comes in short pieces… for now. In listening sequentially to each idea, you can really start to see the steps in his creative process. Producers, pay attention, this is a legend at work.

For example, listen to “start over.” Deadmau5 says that if you want to know how a track sounds “5 minutes into it from a blank slate,” that’s it. Shortly after that, he posted “start starting over,” with a few added elements giving the whole idea a nicer groove. Next, he slowed the track down, keeping the same elements in, but the drop in tempo gives it a different feel. A “bit better,” says the Mau5. The final idea, “for now,” has some added funky guitar, “for luls,” as he says. However, it has begun to sound like a really interesting track, and if he can get “a certain someone” to do vocals for the finished track, it could be yet another Deadmau5 great.

Next came “Unicomp,” which was “just a thought,” but the lush sounds have so far left the Horde demanding more.

“Where phantoms sleep” followed, with a massive synth rise towards the end that leaves the listener craving “moar.” Thankfully, Joel was generous, and soon after previewed “Where Phantoms Sleep 02,” filled with gorgeous dancing synths and a full-bodied sound. Finally came “Where Phantoms Sleep 03,” with a clean, breathtaking sound that reminds the listener of some older Mau5 tracks, but feels like a bass-filled look towards the future…and it’s sure to be a bright future for the Mau5.

Stay tuned to his Soundcloud page, Facebook, and Twitter pages for more updates.

Update: Joel has just previewed “Where Phantoms Sleep 04.” Even though he says now it’s a “stupid name” for the track, since “phantoms don’t even sleep,” it still sounds promising. He says he might redo the track, just to do a “better job…maybe.” We’re looking forward to the Mau5′ next move.

[Editor’s note: being a huge Deadmau5 fan, this was really awesome to watch develop. Keep up the great work Joel!]