Deadmau5 unveils new touch screen software in new video teaser

With iPads now running Traktor and a multitude of touch-oriented apps available for mobile music producers, it’s clear that touch sensitive technology will play a leading role in the dance music of the future. Deadmau5 has been using custom touch software longer than iPads have even existed (who remembers the Jazzmutant Lemur?), so it’s only fitting that he’s throwing his mau5head in the ring.

In a minute-long video uploaded today, the Canadian producer test-drives the software, which he describes as “still early in development,” on an enormous touch screen, setting up virtual knobs, faders and grids that will presumably control parameters in digital audio workstations like Ableton Live. While Deadmau5 revealed that he is partnering with Microsoft on the initiative, he was coy with any further details, only hinting that the software would drive OSC and MIDI to “other stuff.”

Techies shouldn’t sleep on this news. For all the headlines he makes for matters unrelated to music, there are very few artists out there who understand audio technology as well as Joel Zimmerman, and if his BSOD BFF Steve Duda┬áhas any hand in it, then it’s likely to be revolutionary.

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