Editor’s Spotify Playlist of the Week #4Spotify Playlist Of The Week

Editor’s Spotify Playlist of the Week #4

We wanted to create another way of expressing ourselves other than writing about our favorite tunes so we decided to feature Spotify playlists comprised of our personal picks. Get to know us a little better by exploring our eclectic taste in dance music.

Electronic music evolves at such an incredible pace that it is easy to forget about the tracks that got us here. In order to grow to the size that the industry has there had to have been plenty of evolution and experimentation. The following playlist is a small snapshot of many of the tracks that defined my early personal tastes and, just like the industry, have grown and evolved, coming of age sweat-soaked and bleary-eyed in dark warehouses.

I used this week’s playlist as an opportunity to show off some of the forward thinking electronica that defined a large portion of New York City’s “underground” scene where I first got my tastes of dance music, a time when the term EDM was just an easy acronym to use and not the stigma-laced identifier of a generation.

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