Electronic powerhouses remix Donna Summer classics; delving into the decades and engaging the eras of dance musicLove To Love You Donna

Electronic powerhouses remix Donna Summer classics; delving into the decades and engaging the eras of dance music

From the outside Love To Love You Donna may sound like a remix album that could only be forced. After all, the most revered disco legend of Donna Summer is at hand, and the remixers ranging from Laidback Luke to Gigamesh are presently well established with a 21st century sound. But that’s not the case. Electronic heavyweights handle Donna Summer classics with care, rework with integrity, and pay homage to the icon through modern day channels. The remixes presented on Love To Love You Donna draw revelations, as some unite decades and prove how similar dance of the past is to dance of the present, while others prove that some of today’s producers have some talent that would’ve done over well on your parents dance floor. Delve into the decades with the four standout tracks below, but don’t stop there — the album is worth a listen in its entirety.

Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby (Giorgio Moroder Remix)

Hailed as the greatest dance record of all time, Donna Summer’s “Love To Love You Baby” could be thought of as one of the few untouchable songs of dance music’s heyday. Perhaps that’s why the original producer, Giorgio Moroder, chose to revisit this on his own. In 1975, Moroder introduced the synthesizer to the world while working with Summer, and “Love To Love You Baby” was the result. Though the legendary disco producer does not fear such daunting remix duties, putting a sizable spin on the record with elements heavier than an artist of the 70s could’ve imagined. Interestingly enough, the song’s sexual attitude remains with the serenade of a nearly moaning Donna coming at no expense.

Donna Summer – Bad Girl (Boys Noize Club Mix)

Another one of the greatest disco records ever produced (again at the hands of Moroder), “Bad Girls” had Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder giving their all for a dance floor classic that plays to all the senses with engaging sounds from the diaphragm and from the synthesizer. The tune is remixed twice for “Love To Love You Donna,” first by Gigamesh who recreates the scene of a disco dance party using electronica more viable for later decades. While executed with integrity, Boys Noize’s risky rework is the more impressive of the two. At first listen, Alex Ridha’s version leaves a juxtaposing impression, but his grungy beat soon weaves seamlessly into the original rhythm, which can be most appreciated after the infamous vocal loop serves a nostalgic interlude.

Donna Summer – Love Is In Control (Chromeo & Oliver Remix)

Here’s where the eras of dance music are most engaged.  Donna’s Grammy nominated “Love Is In Control” of the early 1980s meets timeless electrofunk veterans, Chromeo, and their apparent successors, the recently emerging Oliver. It’s a case of electronica lineage. Chromeo and Oliver remix “Love Is In Control,” but you could mistake their take as a cut from the original 1982 studio session. Most interestingly here, both duos didn’t have to stray out of their comfort zones to do so. After hearing their unique brand of sonic-styling in tow with a disco classic, and not being able to identify their contributions from the groundwork of past, a new understanding of Chromeo and Oliver’s artistic motifs come into play.

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Afrojack Remix)

Simply magnifying the rolling synths and percussion patterns of Donna’s original “I Feel Love,” Afrojack draws parallels on a modernized rendition that will put the similarities between disco and 21st century house in a surprising perspective. Giorgio Moroder stuck to his then-newfound synthesizer for the disco hit and, while his pioneering tactics have since come a long way, Afrojack’s spin proves that all roads lead back to basics. Even for those with polarizing opinions on Afrojack and undying respect for Giorgio will notice that both artists aren’t doing anything all that different from one another.

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