Fulton County Commissioner Pitts shows some PLUR for TomorrowWorld

Typically when politicians talk about music festivals we prepare for such phrases as “overdose” or “noise violation.” Such was not the case for Georgia’s Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts’ statement on TomorrowWorld. The former Atlanta City Council President and current 11-year member of the Board of Commissioners took a moment during a BOC meeting to thank fellow Commissioner Edwards for his efforts in making the event a reality.

Drawing comparisons to the 1996 Olympics, Pitts said the impact of the festival on the county was “unimaginable,” citing both the economic impact and the good behavior of attendees. While the low key Chattahoochee Hills site was selected for its resemblance to Boom, with the city and surrounding area taking in an estimated $5 million in revenue on the first year of its 10-year contract with the festival, the less than 3,000 residents of the quiet town might just develop another similarity to its sister site – a deep seated respect for electronic dance music.


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