Gesaffelstein hones his niche with debut album ‘Aleph’ [Review]Gesaffelstein Aleph Albumartwork

Gesaffelstein hones his niche with debut album ‘Aleph’ [Review]

French techno producer Gesaffelstein has made a bold and concise statement with the release of his new album Aleph: Gesaffelstein is taking over. Already boasting impressive production credits on albums like Yeezus, and showcasing his versatile sound by remixing the likes of Justice, Lana Del Rey and Depeche Mode, the name Gesaffelstein has been on everyone’s tongue for the past year. In its first day available, Gesaffelstein’s artful and compelling debut album reached the top spot on the iTunes dance chart. After listening to the album in its entirety, it is very clear why. The music is dark and powerful, and each track reflects a diverse blend of influences as they are seamlessly meshed into the producer’s raw, distinct, heavy techno sound. Read past the break for our review of Aleph.

Released on Bromance Records, the album represents the dark techno backbone that Gesaffelstein and his contemporaries hold dear. Masterfully crafted, the album pops and hisses throughout a variety of mechanical soundscapes, each track donning its own distinct attitude. Even the album’s minimalist artwork serves to accentuate the eerie, deep nature of each tune. “Trans” is a thumping techno masterpiece, with industrial synths and pulsing builds. “Hellifornia” sounds like a sinister, french techno spin on classic 90’s west coast rap with a bouncing bass line and an intriguing vibe. The title track, “Aleph,” is an overcast, dark electronic ballad while “Pursuit” seems as though it should be scored for the next Tron soundtrack with upbeat crossing of acid house and orthodox french techno.





Gesaffelstein has always been a commanding presence since his emergence, but with the release of his first full length studio album, the preconceived notions associated with Gesaffelstein will be a thing of the past, as expectations are turned upside down. The album gives French techno a jolt of energy, while taking the listener on a dark and convoluted ride. Aleph has proven exactly what this keen, creative Parisian producer is capable of: masterfully malevolent dance music.

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