Good Morning Mix: Mumbai Science Tapes #18Mumbai Science E1351684918641

Good Morning Mix: Mumbai Science Tapes #18

Next to the Magician’s Magic Tapes, Fool’s Gold Radio, and Mumbai Science Tapes there are relatively few monthly DJ mixes that remain engaging, eclectic and experimental, shunning the popular flavor-of-the-month tracks for more unknown fare. On the 18th iteration of the Mumbai Science Tapes, the Belgian duo stick to their techno driven style, featuring cuts from Panteros666, Canblaster, Djedjotronic, SCNTST and more. As dark and foreboding as ever, Mumbai Science lets the music speak for itself, there aren’t any “sick drops” or “club bangers” to be found here; just propulsive techno and gritty electronica.

01. Panteros666 – Baby F-16 [Bromance Records]

02. Canblaster feat. Para One – Pres. [Marble]

03. LLP – Over Danse [Bad Life]

04. Djedjotronic – Junkbox

05. The Subs & Blatan – Electric Bodies [Lektroluv Records]

06. Proxy – Junk [Turbo Recordings]

07. SCNTST – Percee Scan [BNR]

08. ID

09. SCNTST – Basement Structure [BNR]

10. ID

11. Gingy & Bordello – Saturday Night Fervor [Turbo Recordings]

12. The Subs & Alex Gopher – Body Memory [Lektroluv Records]

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