Griz releases new album ‘Rebel Era’ for freeGriz Rebel Era

Griz releases new album ‘Rebel Era’ for free

Years of trial and error have culminated in Detroit musician Griz developing an unparalleled mastery over his unique niche in the dance music scene. Drawing together dexterous musicianship with a taste for rattling bass and a keen ear for sampling, Griz has taken the concept of electro soul to the next level. While last year he brought us his groundbreaking debut LP, Mad Liberation, this year he follows up with Rebel Era, an album just as innovative and compelling as his original debut. In generous fashion, Griz has released the entire album for free.

Rebel Era represents the beautiful evolution of Griz’s sound. It’s a style that’s been honed over the course of his career: a style that’s as polished as it is eclectic. Like a glorious fusion of Led Zeppelin, Charlie Parker, and Tupac Shakur, Griz pulls in the best elements of rock, blues, jazz, and hip hop to create a breathtaking musical identity. Throw in his signature glitchy, bass-driven backbone and you’ve got one of the most forward-thinking artists in the electronic music scene right now.

Griz’s new album Rebel Era boasts a total of eleven tracks. “Gettin’ Live,” though previously released, remains a standout track, showcasing the best of Griz’s sampling, instrumental, and bass-producing abilities.

“Feel the Love” is equally as engaging, crafting a deeply layered, soulful soundscape.

“DTW to DIA (the travels of Mr. B)” introduces a funkier element to the album, laying down a groovy midtempo beat and sampling Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music.”

“Keep the Dream Alive” is a nine minute epic, weaving through psychedelic atmospheres and invigorating sequences of drumstep — easily my personal favorite of the entire album.

Download Rebel Era for free from Griz’s website.

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