Hear Deadmau5’s creative process come to life with ‘Creep’Deadmau5 Dancing Astronaut Skyler Greene

Hear Deadmau5’s creative process come to life with ‘Creep’

Yesterday Deadmau5 gave us new tunes for thought in his Nine Inch Nails-esque “Tesp” and “Silent Picture,” and brought out “Creep v2,” ostensibly a rework of 2012’s Spotify release “Creep.” It seems, however, that the release was not the finished product, and we awoke this morning to new presents under the f*ckmylife tree.

“Creep” was first to go up, and though its piano intro stayed the same, a glitchy, almost pizzicato body was layered into the melody. If the introduction of cold mechanical tones into the lush acoustics was surprising, so too was the actual description from Joel: “weird how it’s taken me over 5 years to write this track. nearly done. To do: more intricate arrangement, mix, bells n whistles n master.” Cue “Creep 2k13.” Have a listen to both below and rejoice at the very public creative process: According to this tweet, your patience will eventually be rewarded.

guess you’ll have to wait for this album. progress is being made.

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 6, 2013