Ibiza’s Space Nightclub expected to open New York City location on Thanksgiving EveSpace 0

Ibiza’s Space Nightclub expected to open New York City location on Thanksgiving Eve

If you were to turn the clock back 365 days, you would find a nightclub scene in New York City that’s been dramatically rendered to fit the needs of today’s partygoers loyal to DJs and loud beats. Since October 2012, Marquee has reopened completely renovated to behold a Funktion One soundsystem and LEDS, Finale made for a Meatpacking District hotspot as the lovechild between EMM and RPM, and Output has been stationed on Brooklyn’s Wythe Avenue as one of the trendier venues that won’t be leaving the Big Apple anytime soon. At a time when the intersection of DJs and big spenders was tested and proven as a “models and bottles” formula on steroids, the name-dropping of Ibiza’s premiere Space Nightclub and its then-distant 2013 opening was shrugged off as New Yorkers flocked to their brand new after hours destinations.

By now most, if not all, of dance music’s major players have rolled through the Marquees, Outputs, and Finales of New York, and the world renown Space will finally set up shop in Manhattan. As teased on the club’s Instagram, Space New York will open its doors on November 27th, which is Thanksgiving Eve, one of the bigger nights out of the year for New Yorkers. The super club is expected to occupy 637 W 50th street (between 11th and 12th avenues) for a home in Hell’s Kitchen, walking distance from the well-established Pacha NYC.

Critics of dance music’s abundance of festivals and large-scale events who’ve raised the notion of industry cannibalism, of sorts, can rest easy when it comes to Manhattan real estate. Marquee has hosted a wide range of artists from opening week with Chuckie to Music On residency, Finale’s niche in lower New York remains protected by Meatpacking nightlife, and underground fans have come too far in relishing in their camera-free Output to betray the Brooklyn headquarters quiet yet. All the while, Pacha NYC is still considered a powerhouse by everyday EDM fans of the tri-state area, DJs are booked for a total of nearly two full weeks surrounding Halloween and New Years Eve, the likes of Kaskade are taking to decks at Barclay’s Center.

New York has a vacant lane open for Space, its future bookings and crowds of 10,000+. Potential talent, artists for opening weekend, and any DJ residencies for Space New York still remain a mystery, and all but Space Ibiza’s loyal flag carrier Carl Cox would come as a surprise.

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