Jay Z – Tom Ford (Crizzly Remix) [Free Download]Tom Ford Crizzly

Jay Z – Tom Ford (Crizzly Remix) [Free Download]

Hailing from Texas and coining his southern infused dub sound as crunkstep, Crizzly┬áhas made a name for himself by putting twists on urban smashes. His catalog may be packed with remixes for records such as “Thrift Shop” and “F**kin’ Problems,” but his next attempt at tune twisting comes as a much greater challenge. For his rendition of Jay Z’s Tom Ford, Crizzly shatters the beloved Timbaland production but makes sure to bring the most provocative calibration that his homemade crunkstep genre could behold, which, when paired with the most contagious vocals from HOV’s newest album, makes for a weekend rocker worthy of its free download status.

Free Download

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