Jordy Dazz – Torpedo (Original Mix)Artworks 000060117994 Csal Original

Jordy Dazz – Torpedo (Original Mix)

Hailing from the Netherlands, Jordy Dazz is yet another producer that lives up to the dirty Dutch stereotype. A college dropout turned electronic heavyweight, the “Dope & Dirty” star has seen immense success over his ten years of production experience. Of course, his latest release release on Hysteria Records only goes to further enhance Jordy’s résumé. Unsurprisingly, “Torpedo” is a heavy tune with a pounding, aggressive lead. The track is unrelenting, keeping a powerful tone all the way through, yet the energy in Dazz’s production makes for an extremely enjoyable play-through. Behind the rash melody hides the true mastery of the tune, which lies in the delicate balance between bass-heavy and dance-friendly.

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