KOAN Sound and Asa unveil orchestral bass music EP ‘Sanctuary’KOAN Sound Asa Sanctuary EP

KOAN Sound and Asa unveil orchestral bass music EP ‘Sanctuary’

Always one to push artistic boundaries, KOAN Sound’s new Sanctuary EP alongside fellow Bristol producer Asa is something of an orchestral-bass-music concept release. While this isn’t the first time KOAN Sound have opted for the soothing, symphonic route (see “Introvert” or their remix of “Green and Blue”), it’s certainly some of their most delicate work to date. Reinforced by the 2-step/grime precision of Asa, Sanctuary features some incredible drum programming and processing. It’s not all beatific dream sequences either — the EP’s got a darker side lurking in the depths of its tracklist.

We caught up with KOAN Sound on their tour with Bassnectar, where they mentioned the live string recordings that went into the EP. In light of this process, the Bristol producers have achieved some breathtaking results. Listen below and stay tuned for the release of Sanctuary on OWSLA and Inspected on October 22nd.

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