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Krewella’s Troll Mix Vol. 6: Trick or Troll Edition [Free Download]

Chicago electro dub-pop trio is the group that is taking the world by storm with no plans to stop. A month into their nationwide Get Wet Tour in collaboration with their massively successful debut full-length album Get Wet, you would think the group is busy enough. Adding to their belt of successes, just this morning, the group took to Good Morning America to debut “Live For the Night” as the first electronic music act to perform for a major national television show. However, despite the group’s hectic schedule and colossal triumphs for dance music, Krewella remembers to remain true to their roots and their fans. Today, in celebration of Halloween, the trio has released the sixth edition of their Troll mix series. To no surprise, the trio showcases their unrepressed talent by transitioning through some of the best remixes of theirĀ Get Wet hits including Pegboard Nerds, KillaGraham, and their supporting tour artist Candyland. There’s a taste of something sweet for everyone in this hour long mix, ranging from dubstep to hardstyle and even a hint of trance with Armin van Buuren’s “This Is What It Feels Like.”

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