Lange & Cate Kanell – Fireflies (Original Mix) [Preview]WALP COVER FIRFLIES E1380837036486

Lange & Cate Kanell – Fireflies (Original Mix) [Preview]

The newest single from Lange’s forthcoming artist album We Are Lucky People is the gorgeous progressive tune entitled “Fireflies.” Impeccably lush synth work and piano lines dance together effortlessly, accompanied by Cate Kanell’s airy celestial vocals, making for a fully immersive musical experience. Lange shows his impressive production skills by honestly developing the track all the way through to the end. This is one of those tracks that demands massive headphones, and for you to turn off the rest of the world for its duration. It’s dark and enchanting, and a truly promising look into what’s in store from Lange’s album, coming on November 18th. “Fireflies” will be released exclusively on Beatport on October 7th, and hit all other portals on October 21st.


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