Lemâitre – Spitting Colors (Louis La Roche Remix)Relativity By Nite

Lemâitre – Spitting Colors (Louis La Roche Remix)

Norwegian alternative mob Lemâitre have been receiving a fair amount of remix attention from the European dance community. Off the heels of Fehrplay’s recent remix for “Continuum,” British indie dance trailblazer Louis La Roche is next to bring the duo’s experimental get-up into the global clubbing sound scope. Plucked from the band’s recent Relativity By Night EP, his take on “Splitting Colors” draws on a far more docile and detailed side to his consistent studio output. Still on point and surpassing the sound of Britain’s national house stereotype, Louis La Roche offers up yet another indicator of the imaginative maneuvers available to this new generation of European producers.

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