Listen to the winners of the Pretty Lights ‘Around the Block’ remix competitionPretty Lights 1

Listen to the winners of the Pretty Lights ‘Around the Block’ remix competition

The challenge of remixing one of Derek Vincent Smith’s sonic tapestries is not for the faint of heart, but hundreds of aspiring producers still took their shot at the lead single “Around the Block” off of A Color Map of the Sun. All of the submissions were combed through by the man himself and narrowed down to one Grand Prize winner, four runner-ups and three people’s choices.

“This remix contest was amazing. Picking 5 winners was close to impossible. I listened for days on end to these remixes, and the amount of talent and creativity that I heard blew my mind.
I picked 5 songs based on uniqueness, musicality, arrangement, synthesis, production techniques, and overall style. Also I took into consideration the emotion of the song and how different chords were used to change the ‘feel’ of the song.
There were way too many incredible producers that entered, I wanted to pick 50 winners, but I couldn’t, so I did my best to narrow it down to 5 hot tracks, that were diverse as possible, banging, beautiful, and extremely creative. I hope you enjoy the tracks of the 5 winners I chose.”