Marco Carola opens his New York Music On residency to crowd of faithfulsMusic On Residency Opening Marquee Ny 1

Marco Carola opens his New York Music On residency to crowd of faithfuls

This past Friday, amid the sea of Halloween-themed festivities dotting every New Yorker’s social calendar, Italian techno overlord Marco Carola began his highly anticipated residency on the dance floor of Marquee’s New York branch.

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Carola’s new residency both at Marquee and Story in South Beach is yet another sign of the times — if underground music’s arguably most mysterious and reserved figure head is coming to the US, some might say the floodgates have now opened for electronic music in America. Just at the close of the Ibiza season and the wrap-up of the global ADE gathering, Marco Carola has traveled stateside to raise the bar for dexterous DJs on our home turf.

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For this first installment of Carola’s eight week residency in the states, Guti was tapped to provide the opening ceremonies to Music On’s main event. Spending the majority of his more than 120 minute set favoring his own productions (including generous sampling of his “Loneliness” with Luca Bachetti and the refrain from his DTFD release “Hope”). With Guti commanding Marquee’s decks and building tension well past 1:00am, the room was properly oiled for the formidable Italian.

By the time he appeared behind the booth shortly after 1:30am, it was clear the the crowds did not match the veracity of social media flurry surrounding the event. Both high ticket price points and general event saturation on a holiday weekend may be to blame, but for those committed enough to attend the opening evening of the residency — no one on the dance floor was complaining. If Marquee NY is usually known for an uncomfortably packed main room, Friday’s crowd was nothing if not thankful for its unusual airiness. Throughout the duration of Carola’s four hour set,  the DJing demi god pounded out a masterful mix of exuberant and consuming records from his deep catalog. The crowd may have been smaller than expected, but it was mighty right until the wee hours of the morning.

If you’re interested in attending this weekend’s show, you can buy tickets for Marco’s second residency installment here with Bill Patrick on support.

music on residency opening marquee 5Photos courtesy of Pearcey Proper

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