Ninetoes’ summer anthem ‘Finder’ receives questionable radio-friendly faceliftNinetoes

Ninetoes’ summer anthem ‘Finder’ receives questionable radio-friendly facelift

Sluggish beats, Caribbean grooves and a penchant for popping up at every notable club throughout the summer season? The answer of course is “Finder,” the irreplaceable Ninetoes offering that everyone wanted a piece of this summer. Though we highly doubt that anyone was thinking that a poppy top line was required for this sun kissed Kling Klong anthem to truly hold its corner, the mainstream gods have their way.

Accompanied by rising British pop star James Newman, “Finder” is transported into a vocal club cut that is sure to stir conversation across both ultimate musical entities. Whilst Newman’s vocal assets are not completely offensive to the equation, it is hard to listen to the track as “Silver and Gold” without wondering if this was an attempt to cash in on an otherwise sacred piece of house music. “Finder” did not need a radio-friendly top line, but we will wait avidly to see if this really is the price the genre has to pay for more widespread cultural recognition.

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