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Sidney Samson ft. Killfake – Revenge Of The Acid (Original Mix)

Label hopping Dutch house advocate and Rock The Houze forebearer Sidney Samson is back this month with a long overdue return to Doorn Recordings. Already well versed with a wealth of Spinnin Records other artist-offshoots and having been inaugurated to the label via Doorn’s Eleve11 album, the DA-premiered “Revenge of the Acid” emerges to show that his deviant club tendencies are an all-year round affair. Uniting with national peers and recurring collaborators Killfake, the tracks makes for a welcome middle-ground between Sidney’s own heavy-footed electro get-up and the unmistakable acid hallmarks that have continued to inspire artists to revisit the infamous sound. For an artist who has never struggled to find a suitable home for his signature club fuel, this collaborative debut reaffirms Sidney Samson and his likeminded pals Killfake as an essential cog to Dutch house music’s ongoing stamina.

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