Sonny Wharton debuts on X with ‘Take A Look’Take A Look

Sonny Wharton debuts on X with ‘Take A Look’

If you want to talk the cutting edge of British house music’s underground elite, Sonny Wharton remains a poignant first point of reference. Last found strutting his stuff for Skint Records for “Rain Dance,” the Fatboy Slim-approved breakout joins Steve Angello’s X imprint more than three-years after debuting on Size Records alongside Paul Thomas and Ant Brooks. True to the label’s recently established penchant for cuts left of field, “Take A Look” employs deep grooves and poignant sample work, scoping yet another dance floor weapon to take shape on Angello’s more unconventional musical battlefield. Taking his recent footsteps into account, Wharton’s latest offering reaffirms his stance as one of the UK’s brightest hopes for thoroughbred house music’s re-intervention of the digital market. 

Purchase: Beatport (October 28)

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