Take a look inside the $275 Random Access Memories box set from Daft Punk1515b6bc474f77fe6c5a4cf3bad507d6

Take a look inside the $275 Random Access Memories box set from Daft Punk

The hype surrounding Daft Punk‘s new album release this past spring was unmeasurable, but the price was still the standard iTunes album pricing. As rumored, and now confirmed, the duo will be releasing a deluxe edition of Random Access Memories in the form of an engaging box set. More of a collectors item, the set is priced at $275 and comes appealing to Daft Punk faithfuls who’ve earned for material behind the mystery that is the robot tagteam. Columbia Records presents this deluxe box set with some very intriguing details which include; take a look inside…


A. The Deluxe Box Set Edition is presented in a cloth-bound box (333mm x 333mm / 13” x 13”) stamped with the Random Access Memories logo in gold foil on the cover. All individual contents are separated by vellum dividers printed with a circuit pattern texture inspired by the gloves of the Daft Punk Robots.


B. A special edition 180 gram double vinyl with gold and silver foil labels. Includes an 8 page saddle stitched booklet containing album artwork, credits and lyric sheets.

b3a7124edaad870ce951b10ed1feea95C. A 56 page cloth-bound, hardcover photo book of images from the RAM recording sessions and film shoots, featuring a foreword by Paul Williams.

aa0923f0c14768cfca7992f9bc8720dD. A special edition 10” collector’s vinyl containing an extended interview with Giorgio Moroder taken from the original session recordings for the song, “Giorgio by Moroder.”

7919051c8b05f4b454d8eb88c875e047E. Two sets of Robot helmet design schematics with individual components separated onto 8 layers of unbounded transparencies. Each set is contained in a clear presentation pouch

a2ac841cf0ff11f4961957c87cfb8b0cF. A pair of full body Robot design schematic posters (304mm x 608mm / 12” x 24”) printed on heavy weight matte finish poster paper.

3b8305191a9b15ce16303016bed23abfG. A 70mm motion picture film strip containing 5 sequential frames from the “Lose Yourself to Dance” original production dailies, mounted in a heavy weight matte stock with an open back.

2d95fb54233dfbf933c200d144b7901cH. A pair of gold and silver plated, metal encased, reusable USB drives containing the following*:

High-resolution digital audio files (88.2KHz / 24Bit) of the 13 original tracks on RAM plus the high-resolution audio files of the bonus track, Horizon and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky Remix.

High-definition, Apple Pro Res 422 (1920×1080) video files of: the full length video for “Lose Yourself to Dance”; the original RAM TV campaign spots; the extended Coachella version of the “Get Lucky” promo featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

Purchase here: myplaydirect.com

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