Zedd produces Lady Gaga’s ‘Aura,’ calls it ‘one of the most interesting and unique electronic songs ever’

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In a recent interview with MTV, “Clarity” producer Zedd, calls his collaboration with Lady Gaga “Aura” one of the “most interesting and unique electronic songs ever.” Featuring a wide range of styles, including arena rock guitars, electro drops and minimal kicks, “Aura” is definitely a strange crossroad of pop sensibilities, artistic expression and electronic aggression. The young producer, who also recently collaborated with Hayley Williams, hopes that “Aura” will be one of ARTPOP’s singles:

“I obviously, I would love for it to be a single, but there’s so many great songs on the album. She will make the right decision.”

Featured in the upcoming movie Machete Kills, the track has gotten an official lyric video that doubles as a trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s latest grindhouse gore fest. Is it really the most unique electronic song ever? You be the judge and watch the video after the break.


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