Armin explains why ‘EDM moves a generation of people’

Armin van Buuren recently spoke to Fusion about the surreality of his career, “something that [he] can’t put his finger on.” As a DJ and producer whose wholehearted belief is in trance, the Dutchman is proud of the accomplishments he has made, despite acknowledging that he could have even more fans had he chosen to produce house instead. More importantly, he speaks out on the stigmatized “rave scene” that EDM connotes, arguing that drug use occurs at all concerts, whether we’d like to acknowledge it or not. He reminds fans, “You don’t need drugs to have an amazing time.”

Despite using the term “EDM” many times throughout his interview with Fusion, Armin admits that  it is not his label of choice. Regardless, the genre illustrates more sway than one might think. “The fact is, is that it’s no longer just a phenomenon, or hype. It’s a cultural thing. It’s something that moves a generation of people… It’s a celebration of life and this is not going to go away.” While it’s impossible to tell what the future holds, the “God of Trance” seems quite confident that dance music has made a new home for itself and is here to stay.

Via: Fusion

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