Afrojack talks 'The Spark' and personal and industry future

Afrojack, born Nick van de Wall, is not shy to the idea of celebrity; he often posts his ‘Afrojet’ and luxury cars on his personal Instagram and appears in headlines with socialites like Paris Hilton. However, during a recent interview with Billboard, the Dutch producer shed a different light on his perspective of both his personal future and the future of electronic music. van de Wall begins the interview by pointing out exactly what the crowd knows of him – private jets, fancy cars, dozens of notable and high grossing releases – but is quick to brush it all aside. “The most important thing I want to show people is that it doesn’t matter. Eventually it’s me, the music, and the people,” the producer explains.

Afrojack is the first DJ to be signed to Island Def Jam and explains maneuvering dynamics between introducing major artists on his works versus lesser known vocalists like Spree Wilson, who is featured on his latest track, “The Spark.” Nick van de Wall shares his positive outlook on the future of dance music, explaining that he hopes there will be more opportunities for young producers to be received into companies with staff who are trained and educated in electronic music. As to his own personal future, Afrojack humbly explains he’s not “successful” like Michael Jackson or U2, but he is “a happy guy, doing okay” and looks forward to challenging himself in the future.

Via: Billboard

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