Audion – Motormouth (Original Mix)Motormouth

Audion – Motormouth (Original Mix)

New York’s Matthew Dear, known more formally as off-the-cuff techno advocate Audion, has remained an unsinkable ship amid his genre’s peaks and slumps for 2013. With his Tiga collaboration “Let’s Go Dancing” and its high-brow remixes still on full display, Spectral Sound hosts his latest and possibly greatest solo stint of the year. Far more rigid than its collaborative predecessor, this warped peak time offering blends stiff modulated leads with mechanical grooves, forging a compelling argument for the universally absorbed energy his more recent output has beckoned. Far from a compromise of this otherwise scientific approach to underground club fuel, this is just the kind of multifaceted charm we have come to expect from Audion of late. With “Motormouth” now on the digital market, the producer has solidified his status as one of techno’s most exciting and coherent assets to emerge from the North American shores.

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