Avicii – Hey Brother (Syn Cole Remix)Avicii Hey Brother Syn Cole Remi

Avicii – Hey Brother (Syn Cole Remix)

Earlier this week, Avicii took on Syn Cole‘s “Miami 82” for Le7els‘ latest release. Now, the Estonian producer has returned the favor. While you may love the authentic strings in the original riff of “Hey Brother,” Syn Cole’s work on the hit track brings forth the energetic feel signature to the PRMD camp. The remix maintains the beloved vocals from the original while transforming the radio smash to a big room-worthy anthem. The track drops into a trap-house mixture that sends heads bobbing before returning to blissful melody, all intermingling to create a sound unique to the DJ.

“Ash, Avicii’s manager, pitched me this project and I instantly felt that this was an opportunity to create a more Syn Cole style of sound.”

Via: Rolling Stone

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