Avicii reveals contest-winning video for ‘Speed’

Avicii calls it his “reggae remix,” and we call it another piece of true genius. Teaming up with Formula 1 and Burn, an official F1 energy drink, the internationally renowned powerhouse offered fans the opportunity to direct the music video for “Speed,” a track inspired by the adrenaline rush of racing.

And contest winner Pavel Kim accomplished just that; capturing the essence of “Speed,” the aspiring Russian filmmaker’s creation beat entries from over 29 countries across the globe. Kim’s rendition preserves the simplicity of Avicii’s track, while still maintaining the song’s integrity as a thrilling, yet unique electronic sound.

Set in 2077, the futuristic “Speed” video portrays racing as a fast-paced, albeit soothing, experience that surpasses boundaries of time and space. The simplistic, streamlined nature of the race cars and the robots, constantly looping around and around a windy track, gets viewers to really focus on the music. Avicii’s “Speed” incorporates guitar chords and piano sounds not atypical of his folk-inspired True album, and its fan-produced video offers us just another way to appreciate his creative spin on dance music.

Curious to see the rest of the entries? Head on over to Talenthouse to check out the other submissions for the Sweedish DJ’s latest collaborative effort.

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