Battle of the Beats: Maya Jane Coles vs Solomun – Let's Go Dancing (Remixes)Battle Of The Beats No Week

Battle of the Beats: Maya Jane Coles vs Solomun – Let's Go Dancing (Remixes)

 Battle of the Beats is a feature from Dancing Astronaut that pits two remixes against one another to determine which production made better use of the original. With remix packages growing in length and increasing in frequency, the number of reworked tracks has skyrocketed.  After wading through the volumes, we are opening it up to our readers to weigh in on whose rendition takes the proverbial cake.
Tiga VS Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Maya Jane Coles Dancing In The Dark Remix)
For her first outing on Turbo Recordings, UK underground sensation Maya Jane Coles found remixing so nice she did it twice. Putting both a “Dancing In The Dark” and “Dancing In The Deep” spin on Tiga and Audion’s “Let’s Go Dancing,” the deep house dominator created two distinct storylines. Though the deeper version took the primal feel of the original to a place both raw and cerebral, it was the “Dancing In the Dark” mix that MJC highlighted and we will follow suit. While the hypnotic vocal maintains its influence, with a touch of distortion, a smidge of spook and a few aural ornaments that take the beat from bounce to grind, the remix makes an otherwise catchy tune an undeniable epidemic starter.
Tiga VS Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Solomun Remix)
Though arbitrarily classified as tech house along with the original, Bosnian-born Solomun’s plea to dance could at best be called progressive tech house (let’s start a war with that one). Though loosely framed on a 4/4 beat, the Sankeys resident’s rework uses acoustic reverberations, synthetic blips and strings to do the asking, leaving the vocals as an embellishment and the “dancing” to the imagination. A complete reinvention of the original, the track marries the reverence of a hymn with the abandon of an Ibiza party and shatters any notion of deep house as dull.

So whose rendition are you dancing with?

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