Coyote Kisses – Six Shooter (Original Mix) [Free Download]Coyote Kisses

Coyote Kisses – Six Shooter (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Floridian pair┬áBryce Bresnan and Joe Sussingham, known as Coyote Kisses in the electronic music world, are back with a new single, “Six Shooter.” The duo started as a rock band back in 2009, and their edgier punk roots resurface with this new track. ┬áBringing fans something a bit different, “Six Shooter” features Bryce and Joe’s own vocals, overlapping heavy guitar riffs, and crisp percussion sounds that bring the best of punk rock into a familiar electronic world of synths and deep bass.

Having everything from a remix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s annoyingly catchy pop song “Call Me Maybe” to a Seven Lions cover and even a rework of a track from Star Wars under their belt, Coyote Kisses constantly keeps fans guessing about what’s to come. “Six Shooter” continues in this fine tradition, building a style more innovative, a sound more methodically crafted to electronic perfection with each successive output.

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