Daft Punk graces the cover of The Innovator Issue of The Wall Street Journal MagazineG Daft Punk 11062013 1 0

Daft Punk graces the cover of The Innovator Issue of The Wall Street Journal Magazine

The Wall Street Journal Magazine hosts the annual Innovator of the Year Awards that honors members of society with outstanding contributions to culture, whether it be designers, architects, artists, or technological visionaries. This November, WSJ debuted their Innovator Issue cover with none other than Victoria’s Secret supermodel Gisele Bundchen and robot legends, Daft Punk.

Surprising combination? Sure, but no shock at all that the mysterious masked duo graces the cover to represent innovators of music for 2013. Remembering back to early May, it’s easy to acknowledge the sheer frenzy and buzz that surrounded the upcoming album that would break Daft Punk’s eight year silence. The duo pulled out all the stops for Random Access Memories; the fourth studio record brought a new sense of direction for the duo and their genre, equipped with a choir and full-sized orchestra and collaborations with soul funk frontman of Chic, Nile Rogers, Italian producer Giorgio Moroder and rapper Pharrell Williams. The first single off the album, “Get Lucky,” struck gold and quickly became the summer anthem for both dance music fans and radio top 40. It’s been a big year – for both Daft Punk as they slowly step out of their shadow of silence, and for dance music as it breaks out of the underground and into popular culture.


The WSJ expose delves into the duo’s extensive history – of how they met, who inspired them, and the development of now idolized robotic image – and reveals the strenuous thought and details put into the making of the duo’s explosive hit-single along with the rest of the 13-track record.  The article ties up loose ends and hopes of Daft Punk fans by announcing the duo has no current plans for live performances, allowing Thomas Bangalter (one half of Daft Punk) to explain. “We’re not sensitive to any kind of pressure, because the most valuable thing we have is our own freedom and creative dreams. There’s less value for us in a big bag of money than in a creative idea we want to fulfill.”

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