Deadmau5 sheds light on his new subscription music siteDeadmau5 Dancing Astronaut Skyler Greene

Deadmau5 sheds light on his new subscription music site

Earlier this month, Twitter’s favorite dance music commentator Deadmau5 left his handle and announced that his management would be taking responsibility to announce music updates and news for the artist. Though the Canadian producer’s presence on the Internet has lulled, it seems he hasn’t been been sitting idle with his newfound time. Through his official Facebook, Joel stated, “launching a private site/subscription model really soon … imagine, we’ll finally have a camp we can enjoy with no spam, just unadulterated music and live streams and access to pretty much everything I have on the go.” The curiosity around Deadmau5’s latest project began to buzz, and Joel took to yet another social media site to further explain.

Today, on Reddit, Deadmau5 posted his own Q&A to alleviate the mystery behind his forthcoming site. He explains his subscription-based site will focus on music, similar to SoundCloud and Twitter but “with less noise.” In hopes to reconnect with his fans, the site will allow users to develop profiles, much like social media sites today, where individuals can connect and/or “receive kudos” from the Mau5 himself. Joel addresses the initial question of daunting subscription fees, first exploring the idea of a pay-for-access tier system, but hoping to keep it an all access type subscription that will be less than $4 or $5 per month that will eventually join mobile and app platforms as well.

The site, Joel explains, will be ad, spam and sponsor free. Unfortunately, fans eager to dive into Deadmau5’s “entire [unreleased] catalogue, pushing more than 400 tracks” will have to stay patient. Joel is still on the hunt for a single point/propriety app that will appropriately support his project. Stay tuned for future announcements and details on Deadmau5’s new music site.

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