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Deadmau5 unveils plans for storytelling with music and technology

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Deadmau5 gives fans insight as to what they can expect from his new music, and the concept behind his latest work. With 12 songs that he is confident in so far, Joel says “there’s this really sordid, pretty vibe” to his masterpieces, most of which were influenced by Radiohead’s “Codex.” As always, the mau5 prefers to keep his records vague and open to interpretation, rather than keeping them rigid and uniformed.

The most important aspect to take away from this interview, however, is that Zimmerman is following a storyline with both his current and ensuing projects.

I’m really following a plot, so there are moments in the story where I’m really thinking, “I gotta create a certain atmosphere”…We’re really, really going storyboard with this thing. We’ve got some writers who’ve written some amazing things working on a script for a show.

If he were to bestow the duties of directing the film upon anyone, the lucky man would be Alejandro Jodorowsky, “like Holy Mountain shit, but with structure.”

Ultimately, Canada’s most beloved producer/performer hopes to “explore the world of storytelling with music and technology, and present that technology in a way where you can unify the whole thing, and it’s not just a guy playing fucking good songs.” It would be ideal to begin touring by fall 2014, but the mau5 will wait as long as necessary until he feels that every last element of his production is spot-on.

Via: Rolling Stone

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