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Deadmau5 uploads revamped 'Gula' and '777'

Mr. Joel Zimmerman may now be absent from Twitter, but thankfully he’s still active as ever on SoundCloud. A musically focused Deadmau5 released a series of short, moody tracks under the umbrella title 7, each named after one of the deadly sins. He’s appropriately overindulged in the third representing “Gula,” Latin for gluttony. Expanding on the original’s piano progression, Joel uploaded two new sounds, one sharing the same title and the second named “777.”

The newer “Gula” introduces percussion that features a grooving kick pattern, ditching the house-typical 4/4 count. When least expect it, the blast of a cloudy, reverb-heavy bass note hits your eardrums. “777” begins similarly, but with a distant clicking beat hiding in the background. This 13-minute expansion breaks for a squeaky lead melody in the ominous breakdown, which makes way for a progressive harmony back into the downbeat. Joel has voiced his interest in creating a sense of story-telling in his compositions, and this series of progress gives us a nice taste of what to expect.

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